NYC Adventure



NYC Adventure // 05/12/2016 // by: Alyssa Treccioli

First off:

We have officially made it. I’m not sure exactly what we have made it to, however it’s our FIRST blog post! Also, I hope that you are all LOVING our new website as much as we are! Thank you to our friends at 561MEDIA for designing something to fit our needs and showcase what we’re all about. 


Dr. Abdal and I recently embarked on a trip to NYC for the International Vision Expo East. These trips are absolutely necessary to ensure that we continue to provide our patients with nothing but beautiful, handcrafted, independent eyewear. Not only do we purchase new product for the optical but it is extremely important to us to make sure we provide you all with the latest in eye health management and care.


While at Vision Expo Dr. Abdal and I were determined to find a new line of eyewear that would be stand out from all of the other spectacular products that we carry… Enter MATSUDA! WOW…I mean, WOW. We were first introduced to this beautiful collection during Vision Expo West 2015 in Las Vegas. It felt like love at first sight. Dr. Abdal and I struggled to just look and not pull the trigger at that time, however we had other priorities that took precedence. Finally 6 months later which felt to me like an eternity of longing for this line, we placed our FIRST order at Vision Expo East in New York. It was so hard to choose and remain within budget, all I wanted to do was throw up my hands and say “We’ll take one of each and don’t forget, two of those!”. But alas, that was not an option.


However, the selections we made are just stunning. This is not really a surprise given the overall beauty of the collection. MATSUDA is the epitome of fine Japanese craftsmanship. With over 45 years of history, they have been able to source only the finest materials and create timeless, luxurious eyewear…SRobert-Downey-Jr-Iron-Man-Sunglasses-Matsuda-M3023ide note: If you don’t trust me, listen to Iron Man. Tony stark wears MATSUDA style M3023 not only in Iron Man 3, but is often shown in his personal life sporting that very same style. See the picture and swoon, Robert Downey Jr. is looking good 😉  For me frame purchasing is one of my favorite aspects of my job. Not only because there is just so much out there to see, feel and love but learning the story behind each eyewear line, and what drives their aesthetic… I could listen for hours! Aside from MATSUDA we did take a peek at a few other gorgeous collections (however did not purchase….yet) so stay tuned!


After exploring all that the eyewear section of the expo had to offer Dr. Abdal and I moved on to pharmaceuticals.  We’re excited to announce that we are now offering Omega-3 Vitamins for Dry Eye relief. According to research dry eye effects one in every eight adults, or 33 million Americans. Dr. Abdal is passionate about helping her patients to find relief from their dry eye symptoms. I’m so excited for an upcoming webinar regarding theses vitamins, once we get through that I’ll have a lot more info to pass along. It’s time to start thinking more outside the box on how to tackle this problem that so many suffer from. If you know us at all then you know we are always looking for something new and exciting but also products that we believe actually work. Remember to follow this blog, I’ll keep you all posted on our quest for dry eye relief!


Central Park

Now that I have justified why we are able to take these trips and frolic around whatever destination we happen to be traveling to, let’s get to talking about just that…the frolicking! After being at the convention for a few days it was time to enjoy the beautiful weather that NYC had to offer that weekend. Dr. Abdal and I were ecstatic to just sit and relax in central park for a while. Sunny, clear skies and a plethora of good people watching provided the perfect backdrop for great conversation and quality 20/Twenty Eyecare family time. It was so serene, which is just what we needed after the hustle and bustle of Expo. Later that night was my favorite part of the trip. One of our trip goals was to see a Broadway show, and that is just what we did!  Phantom of the Opera was our show of choice and it was just as good as the first time I saw it, which was about 16 years ago. The chandelier drop and masquerade scene will never get tired. Other trip activities included some shopping (of course) delicious dinners and good times with great people. Overall Dr. Abdal and I had an excellent time. It was wonderful to enjoy Manhattan, purchase and view exceptional eyewear and spend time industry friends that we are not able to connect with as often as we like. Each trip we take offers us the opportunity to experience something new that we can bring back home and share with our patients. Whether it be in relation to new products, important information, or just a ton of funny stories, I hope you all enjoy hearing about our adventures!