WOOW Eyewear

WOOW Trunk Show // 12.06.16 // by: Alyssa Treccioli WOOW (Pronounced /’wu:/) Every so often I come across a collection of eyewear that just kind of speaks to me. Well, when you think about it and actually look at the frames from this line they sort of do…Let me explain. WOOW was thought up by … Continue reading WOOW Eyewear


OYOBox // 07.07.16 // by: Alyssa Treccioli I cannot tell you all how many times I have tried to tackle the problem of storing my eyewear.  Side note: if you don’t already know this about me…I have A LOT of eyewear (one of the job perks). Now that my secret is out I feel much better, … Continue reading OYOBox