Contact Lens Examination & Fittings

Primary Examination

Prior to any contact lens examination, Dr. Abdal examines the ocular health of the front of the eye. Some patients often forget that they are covering a major part of their eye with a contact lens and the eye must be healthy to withstand the lens. In addition, a patient’s eyelids and eyelashes need to be healthy prior to using contact lenses.

Contact Lens Examination

The initial part of any Contact Lens Examination is determining which lenses would best suit the patient’s needs. This is where Dr. Abdal’s experience and expertise help separate her from others. She takes the time to go over every option available to the patient to best suit their visual needs and then decides which lens type and manufacturer would provide the best success while maintaining proper eye health.

Insertion and Removal Training

While it is not difficult, putting a contact lens into your eye for the first time can be a challenge for some people.  At 20Twenty Eyecare, we provide training to help you become comfortable with this process

Trial Period

Finally, Dr. Abdal would never offer a final contact lens prescription without the patient trying the lens. Whether her patients need several days or several weeks, Dr. Abdal insists her patients be certain all their visual needs are attended to. If there is any reason those expectations are not met, Dr. Abdal will seek alternative lenses that may provide better results. There will never be any pressure on the patient to decide nor would Dr. Abdal expect her patients to settle on a contact lens.

Special Use Contacts

Just like some patients have different shoes for different activities, many of Dr. Abdal’s patients have different contact lenses for their weekly tasks. Some patients will uitilize the latest Progressive Contact Lenses for work and multi-tasking. Others require the extended wear lenses for long trips where they may not be able to remove their lenses daily. Many choose daily disposable lenses to ensure a fresh lens each day and significantly reduce risks of infections and allergies that may be associated with some other types. Regardless of the task, nowadays there’s a lens that can help make it easier.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Fashion is often a major part of many patients’ lives and Colored Contact Lenses can add that final touch. Whether a patient wants a subtle change or that ‘wow’ factor, many patients can achieve that through colored contact lenses.

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